Friday, April 8, 2016

The Leaving and The Taking~

Without us possibly even knowing,
it happens.
This exchange of leaving and taking.
For the past 26 years, I have been beyond blessed to have spent time with my handsome honey. As we shared meals across our table, as we soaked up sun together on our patio, as I opened my laptop and relaxed on our couch while he sat nearby watching TV, and as I sat across from him in his truck, I have been (sometimes consciously, sometimes not) knee deep in the leaving and taking.
When my love left, he left behind
hand written words of love, encouragement, and spiritual truth,
days filled with smiles, (along with hugs and kisses),
laughs that resurface when remembered,
and memory after memory after memory after memory.
And, as precious as these gifts are,
when my love left, he also left behind
God's peace,
God's love,
God's joy,
God's protection,
God's grace,
God's favor,
God's blessing,
God's very presence in this place,
in my heart,
in my life
through his daily prayers and the daily living of his faith out loud.
He left behind a faith in God that fans the flame of my faith still.
And, what will I be taking with me into my tomorrow,
without him?
All of this and so much more -
a more that can't be tapped on letters of a keyboard and poured out onto a page,
a more that can't be squeezed into mere words,
a more that can't be contained. Period.
I will be taking with me a more that is
so satisfying,
so heart-filling,
so precious.
And, as I sit here writing,
missing his company beside me,
I think of the exchange that happens each day,
in friends meeting for lunch,
in co-workers passing in the hall,
in shoppers sharing the aisle of a store,
in travelers sitting side by side.
I think of the exchange that happens each day
husbands and wives,
fathers and sons,
mothers and daughters,
fathers and daughters,
and mothers and sons.
teachers and students,
peers and classmates,
merchants and cashiers,
telemarketers and potential customers,
passengers and flight attendants,
doctors and patients,
preachers and disciples,
disciples and the world.
And I wonder,
what is it we are leaving behind and taking with us in each planned meeting,
happened upon encounter,
God-ordained moment of time?

Without us possibly even knowing,
it happens.
This exchange of leaving and taking.
May we always leave behind
the sweet aroma of His presence.
And, may we always take with us,
into the next intersection with another life,
the oh, so intentional,
ever burning,
unrelenting passion of our God
alive in us,
working through us
to heal,
to soothe,
to refresh,
to empower,
to conquer,
to defeat,
to overcome.
So, in the end,
after our time on earth has ended,
the time we have spent here will continue to be lived out in this timeless truth:
Our lives, given, surrendered, and lived out in the power of our God
do indeed make a difference,
in this generation and the next.


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