Monday, April 18, 2016

Stronger Than You Think~

"I have no idea."

These were the only words I could say as I handed my husband my wedding ring.

"Oh, Stac.  Surely you have some idea. Look at it. What did you do to it?"

"Honest, Handsome. I have NO idea. All I did was take it off my finger, set in on the dresser, and hop into bed.  When I went to put it on the next morning, it felt tight and didn't seem to fit. I was in a hurry, so I placed it back on the dresser and headed out the door.  The next morning, it was the same story.  It still wouldn't fit on my finger. That's when I noticed it."

I could tell the words coming out of my mouth were reaching my husband's ears,
but not necessarily connecting with his brain.
I wasn't surprised.
I couldn't comprehend it myself.

"I know. I know.  It's the weirdest thing.  I have NO idea."

And, I didn't.

I couldn't explain it because I didn't understand it myself.
It defied all logical explanation.
There were no words to say.

I was out of town visiting my mom when the unexplainable happened.

Take a look for yourself.

What do you think happened?

Anything and everything except 
simply taking if off my finger and
placing it on the dresser, right?

And yet, that is all I did.

When I had shown this strange phenomena to my sister, who was also visiting my mother at the time, I remarked, "Guess I'm stronger than I think I am!".

As we chuckled out loud, I felt God speaking to my heart in a powerful, yet quiet, whisper:

"Yes, you are, Stacy.  You are A LOT stronger than you think you are because I AM with you."

The same is true of you, you know.

Oh, sure.
You might not be able to single-handedly re-shape the circumference of your wedding ring like I did. But, you do have the very same God living inside of you.

So often, we forget this truth.

So many times we
feel our weakness,
tremble in fear,
worry to no avail,
and shrink in defeat,
because we fail to remember and are quick to forget
that our powerful God,
the great I AM,
is with us.

In and through Jesus Christ,
you and I are A LOT stronger than we think we are.

In and through Jesus Christ,
you and I can do A LOT more than we think we can.

Maybe you find yourself in a situation that has you up against the wall,
 scratching your head,
wondering what to do next.

Maybe the shape of your life has changed overnight and suddenly no longer seems to fit.

Maybe all you keep hearing yourself say over and over and over again is "I have NO idea".

Take heart.
You have the Spirit of the Living God living inside you.

In and through Jesus Christ,
you and I are
more than conquerors,
more than able,
more than equipped,
more than ready,
more than enough.

We can do ALL THINGS through Christ.

We just need to look to Him.
We simply need to believe.
We need only to be quick to remember and fail to forget
that our powerful God,
the great I AM,
is with us.

You may have no idea, but you do have God.
And, because you do,
You, dear one,
you are A LOT stronger than you think you are.

(Remembering and re-posting from March 2013)

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