Friday, April 22, 2016

He's Got You and Me in His Hands~

It seemed like a problem, a huge problem, but looking back it was simply God's perfect timing.

(Why, at first glance, do we usually always see an obstacle to overcome, but seldom see an opportunity for God to showcase His faithfulness?)

Arriving home for lunch last Monday, I was greeted by a note on my front door. Evidently, a mere 45 minutes earlier, a delivery man had tried to deliver an envelope to my home.  Only, this envelope came with specific instructions: do not leave without a signature.

Needless to say, sans my signature, the envelope had left with the delivery man, and all I had was a note stuck to my front door.  The note assured me the driver would make two more attempts before sending the letter back to the sender.

Not knowing who the letter was from or if it was worth taking time off from work to "babysit" the front door, I decided to do some investigating.  I called the delivery company hoping to see if they could tell me who this envelope was from. Their answer was an unfamiliar address in Missouri. Next, I tried to see if I could pick up this envelope at a delivery location here in my town.  Their answer was for me to drive to their nearest office in a town almost 90 miles away.  With no answers in sight, and my lunch break now over, I headed back to work, frustrated and hungry.

Upon arriving at work, a co-worker, who sensed something was wrong, inquired about my lunch break, then upon hearing the details, tried her best to "track down" information about this delivery, too.  Unfortunately, her attempts were no more successful than mine.

That evening, as I rested my head upon my pillow and opened my heart to my Heavenly Father, I prayed about what He would have me do.

"Oh, Father God.  I have no idea who this letter is from or what it is about.  I don't know if it is important enough to take paid time off for or not. Speak to my heart the right thing to do. Thank you, Father God. In Jesus' precious name, I pray. Amen."

The next morning I awoke with the following plan running through my mind.

Ask for just one hour of time off from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. This hour, combined with your hour lunch break from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, would provide a two hour window for you to be home to receive the delivery.

Thanking the Lord for His guidance and direction, I headed to work and put in my request for one hour of paid time off.

Arriving home shortly after 11:00 am, I wasn't surprised to discover the delivery man had not yet been to my house. Knowing it was God who spoke this plan to my heart, I knew my doorbell would ring sometime while I was home and before I had to head back to work a little before 1:00 pm.

With a gentle rain falling, I decided to take full advantage of this hour off and step out onto the patio to do some writing. As soon as my laptop powered up, God fueled my mind with the words of a post - six words to be exact. Six words that had been spoken to me earlier in the day, but still resonated deep in my heart: If you give in, it's over.

My time with God out on the patio produced the post entitled, "It's Not Over Until . . ."  And, if you have been following my blog for any amount of time at all, you know with God there is always a rest of the story.

Finishing the post, I went inside, dished myself up a bowl of salad, and then spent the remainder of my time away from the office, sitting on the patio, enjoying the rain, and eating my lunch.

Looking at my phone, and knowing it was God who had spoken this plan to my heart, I was very surprised to discover it was time to head back to work.  No doorbell had rung.  No delivery man had arrived. No signature had been asked for. No envelope had been given.

Upon arriving at work, the same co-worker, who sensed something was wrong the day before, sensed it again. Inquiring about my lunch break, I told her I still wasn't able to sign for the envelope.

"But, you know what I decided? God is the God of this entire universe. Nothing is too hard for Him. If that envelope is important and something I need, He will get it to me. I'm leaving it in His hands."

And, I did.

I didn't think about it again, until the next day at noon when I was home, finishing up my lunch, getting ready to head back to work and the door bell rang.  There stood the delivery man with the envelope in hand.

"I'm so glad I finally caught you at home. Today was the last day for you to sign for this."

"I know. God takes such good care of me."

Closing the door and looking at the envelope, I realized this was indeed something important, something I needed, something that my God had been so careful to place in my hands.

God knew I didn't need to take precious time off.
He knew the delivery man would come when I was home for lunch on Wednesday.

But, what about that one hour of time off you took on Tuesday?
Why would God tell you to take that hour off if you didn't need to?
(I hear you asking that in your mind.)

The answer came as I pulled into the parking lot when I arrived back at work with the envelope in my hand and tears streaming down my face.

As I turned off my engine, reached for my purse, then picked up my phone, I noticed I had an email. It was from a lady who subscribes to my blog and had replied to my post, It's Not Over Until . . .

This is what it said:

I can't tell you how much I needed to read this right now. I have just left my GI Clinic where I saw a Specialist for my  swallowing and eating issues. It was so upsetting when she said that I may have to be helped with a feeding tube. 

I am a woman of great Faith and have been feeling defeated the last few days. As soon as I got into my car something told me to look at my email, and I saw your post. I am a fighter and I am going to be okay! Thank God for you! I'm not defeated! I am going to read this one, over and over again Stacy. Your an Angel in "disguise! " Thanks be to God. 

God had most definitely spoken His plan to my heart Monday night when I had cried out to Him from my bed.  Only, more than simply answering my needs, God thought of this precious one, too.  In His unmatched love, and perfectly perfect timing, God blessed us both.

And to think,
He blessed us both with a blessing that spilled forth from 6 words lovingly and boldy spoken to me by a woman I passed in the hallway.

Because you see,
with our God,
nothing is coincidental,
nothing is happenstance,
nothing is by accident.

God is the Creator of the Universe.
Nothing is too hard for Him.

Truly, He does have the whole world in His hands.
The lady in the hallway.
The delivery man from out of town.
The email subscriber in the parking lot of the doctor's office.

He is always at work
working the details of all of our lives
into a tapestry
of delicate perfection and exquisite beauty.

What seemed like a problem,
a huge problem,
was simply God's perfect timing.

What at first glance looked to be an obstacle to overcome
was simply an opportunity for God to showcase His faithfulness.

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