Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Note About Yesterday's Post~

For all my faithful email subscribers -

Yesterday's post entitled, Perfect Words, should have included a voice mail message.  If this did not come through in your email, please follow this LINK. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading,
and most especially,
for continuing to lift me in your prayers.

I am so blessed by you-

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  1. Stacy, your courageous heart willing to share your grief with the hope you have in Christ, is a Beacon of light to so many. Thank you for your honesty letting others be part of your journey. You have touched my heart, and countless others. Heartfelt "hugs" to you ~

  2. I have to tell you, when my best friend's husband passed away one of her boys deleted her 'voice mail' on the answering machine, he thought hearing her husbands voice would be too sad for her. She missed it so much it was a very 'sad day' when she realized it had been removed. They did it with the best intentions, but until one passes away we don't realize how much that means to us to have their 'voice'.


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