Sunday, January 3, 2016

Whatever It Takes~

Our relationship lasted only an hour of so,
and yet I know without a doubt,
my life was forever changed because of the time we spent together.

Oh, I realize you can't really call a chance meeting that lasted for a mere hour a relationship,
but that is exactly what we had.
As this woman of God poured out her heart to me,
my heart listened and understood as though we had been friends for a lifetime.

Talking with my husband later that evening, words bubbled from my heart as I told him about my new friend, someone who my heart connected with instantly, someone who I felt so unusually comfortable talking to, someone who - just by being in her presence - drew me into the presence of God.

We had met in my office.  I was the principal of a Christian school, she was the mother of a 7th grader. I was sharing with her information about our school, and she was sharing with me the cry of her heart.

"I don't care how much tuition here costs. I don't care if we have to drive her all the way into town to get her here and pick her up again each day. I don't care if she is hurt at me for pulling her out of public school and enrolling her here. I don't want to lose my daughter to the world.  I want her to know and love Jesus the way I know and love Jesus. I want Him to be the most precious person in her life.  I can feel her pulling away from Him, from me, and from her father.  I'm willing to do whatever it takes for her to know Jesus. I pray night and day for my sweet daughter.  And, my husband, too.  I pray for them both.  More than anything, I want my family to know Jesus the way I know Jesus.  In fact, (tears fill her eyes and spill over onto the registration papers in her hand) just last night I told God that if somehow I could give up my life so that they might find life in Him, I would willingly do it. I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring both of them to a saving knowledge of who He is and how much He loves them."

She filled out all the paperwork required for her daughter, then wrote out a check for the first month's tuition. We stood in my office, held hands, and together, went boldly before the throne of grace, lifting the cry of this mother's heart up to our Heavenly Father.

"Whatever it takes, Lord. Amen."

As she stood in the doorway to leave, she gave me a hug.  With tears streaming from her eyes, and now mine, too, she smiled.

"I'm looking forward to the first day of school. See you in week."

Then, she walked out the door.

A couple mornings later, while sharing breakfast with my own precious mother, my mom began to read the front page story of the local newspaper to me. While driving home after an evening church service, a woman struck and killed a black cow as it crossed the highway in front of her. The woman died at the scene of the accident. The woman's daughter, who was in the backseat at the time, escaped injury.

Before my mom read the names of the mother and daughter involved in this tragic event, my heart already knew.

And, I heard her words,
" More than anything, I want my family to know Jesus the way I know Jesus."
" . . . if somehow I could give up my life so that they might find life in Him."
"Whatever it takes.".

I wish I could tell you this daughter attended our school, and through the unimaginable grief of losing her mother, fell madly in love with Jesus, and is completely surrendered to her Savior even now, still. But, I can't.

I honestly don't know how this story ends.

She did attend our school for a few weeks, but then, she talked her father into homeschooling her. After she left our school, I never heard from her or her father again.

But, the words of her mother -
these have never left me.

I hear them still,
and I believe that
God will be faithful to answer the cry of this mother's heart.

I pray He already has.

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