Saturday, January 16, 2016

Not a "One or the Other" Option~

"So which is more important? What god you believe in or how you treat your fellow man?"

I read his words -
a comment from someone I don't know,
left on a post of someone I don't know,
that I happen upon as I scroll through my Facebook feed.

And even though I don't know either of the people sharing in this "comment conversation",
and even though this conversation isn't mine to barge in to,
I find myself speaking the answer out loud.

So often,
we allow the pieces to keep us from seeing the whole.

Instead of seeing how one might relate and even complete the other,
we spend our time
dissecting and pulling apart,
separating and comparing,
discussing and debating,
until we no longer can
make sense of it at all.

"Which is more important?
The God I believe in or how I treat my fellow man?"

How can you possibly begin to think you can have one without the other?

can you take hydrogen from oxygen and expect to have water?

can you take breath from a body and expect to have life?

can you take God out of the equation and expect to have love for your fellow man?

To me, they can never be separated out into a "one or the other" scenario.

Because -
do we learn how to treat our fellow man
if we don't first know the God who teaches us to love?

can we truly put
someone else first,
forgive and forget,
sacrifice our interests, our money, our time, our very life,
without the power of our God,
(who so loved the world that He gave His only Son,
so that whoever believed in Him,
wouldn't die,
but have eternal life,)
living in us and through us,
enabling us to do so?

I don't know about you,
but I know me,
and I am
and all about me.

They only way I am able to treat my fellow man
in the way he deserves to be treated
is because of the God I believe in.

this is not a two part question.

This is not a one or the other.

These two can never be
pulled apart,
considered independent one of the other.

This is the whole of it:
Christ in me,
Christ with me,
Christ through me. ~♥

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