Sunday, January 10, 2016

50 Lessons of Life~

This past year, on December 19, I turned 50.  Each year, for the last three years, I have written a list of "lessons from life" that correspond with the number of years God has blessed me with.  This year's list has been slow in coming, but it's finally here.

Here is my list of:

1.  Life is lived in forward motion but best understood in backward reflection.

2. Sometimes the littlest hurts bother you the most. (Ever have a paper cut?)

3.  Easy isn't always satisfying and true satisfaction is seldom easy.

4. How others treat you is not a reflection on you, it's a reflection on them.
    How you treat others is not a reflection on them, it's a refection on you.

5. Giving up almost always lets you down.

6. Faith isn't fully understanding, faith is fully believing.

7. With God, we live from a place of victory, not toward victory. (Thanks, Simon)

8. A "yes" from God is often disguised as a "no".

9. A misplaced "i" can quickly take what was once united and render it untied.

10.  I can't truly love my neighbor if I don't truly love me.

11.  Time changes a lot of things, but few things (if any) change time.

12.  Success only happens if and when you try.

13.  Live to make others happy, but remember this: Each person is responsible for their own happiness.

14.  We aren't defined by the work of our hands; we are defined by the work of God's hand.

15.  When God calls us to step out of our comfort zone, He is not calling us to be comfortable in the situation. He is calling us to be comfortable in Him, in spite of the situation.

16.  Every person deserves respect because every person is made in the image of God.

17.  Blessed is the one who has a friend wise enough (and loving enough) to give a push when a push is needed.

18.  You aren't responsible for what anyone says or what anyone does, but you are responsible for how you respond and how you react.

19.   God has a plan.  Always.

20.  Sometimes, most times, you are the only one standing in your way.

21.  No man is alone who has God.

22.  If we are willing to do what we can, God will do what we can't.

23.  Loving your neighbor is not "optional".

24.  Only God can do what God can do. Don't expect people to do what only God can do.

25.  The faintest prayer, spoken in the mighty name of Jesus, can summon the entire army of Heaven.

26.  If you are given a chance to take a chance that speaks to your heart, breathes life to a dream, makes you want to move forward and move backward all at the same time, take it. Chances are you won't regret the chances you took, but sadly, all the chances you let slip by.

27.  Tone of voice matters.

28.  Take a break before you get to your breaking point.

29.  God wouldn't ask me to do it if it wasn't mine to do.

30.  Daily walking with God keeps me from running ahead of His will or lagging behind it.

31.  A heart that goes to sleep thanking God is a heart that awakes praising Him.

32.  NO reason to doubt God will ever be greater than the reason to trust God.

33.  The only thing that should bring me more fear than answering God's call is choosing not to.

34.  Miracles happen every day - with each and every breath.

35.  We aren't called to "fit in"; we are called to be fit for His kingdom.

36.  The best solution to any problem: "Help me, Jesus."

37.  When my husband or I start growling and getting mean, it's time to either feed us or put us down for a nap! (You, too?!)

38.  If you aren't "loose", you can become "stiff". Don't forget to stretch.

39.  Praying for the people who have wronged you may (or may not) change them, but it will always change you.

40.  When you have no words, only tears, don't be afraid to let your tears speak for you.

41.  Imitation truly is the highest form of praise.  When we imitate God, we live our praise out loud.

42.  It's ok to fall down.  It is not ok to stay down.

43.  God loves you. Period. (Not if, or when, or because.)

44.  You gotta love life.  You really do.  There is nothing else on earth quite like it.

45.  In New Mexico, when you are asked "Red or Green?" (in regards to chile), the best answer is "yes, please".

46.  Life is full of surprises. My surprise? I am a writer. (Amazingly, I just realized that this year!)

47.  Never underestimate the power of a prayer spoken by you or for you.

48.  No two days are alike.  Don't live each day as though they are.

49.  Just when I think I can't love God anymore than I already do, I do.

50.  You only get one chance to live, one chance to be you, one chance to live your life. Do it now, because here's the thing: life goes faster than you can even begin to imagine.~♥

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