Monday, December 21, 2015

To Love Well~

I sit on the back row of life, and I watch her, this woman who loves well.

Without so much as an inclination that I am here,
and often squirming inside,
she goes about the extraordinary business of living her ordinary life well.

A bag of food delivered to a struggling couple.
A truck load of bicycles driven to children in foster homes.
A face to face, heart to heart visit with a friend locked behind bars of metal, heartache, and regret.

Eyes that see.
Ears that hear.
Hands and feet that are quick to respond.
A heart that doesn't know the word "no", only a resounding, whatever-it-takes "yes".

And, I think about my own life,
how on Saturday I went from forty something to 50 in the blink of an eye,
how life is moving faster than the speed of light,
how if I don't start living
and start living soon
my life will be over without any life having been lived at all.

What makes a life a life that is lived well?

I wrestled with this question in the weeks leading up to my birthday,
and if I'm honest,
the years before 49, or 48, or even 47,46, or 45.

For as long as I can remember,
this elusive dream to live life well has been taunting and teasing me -
always somewhere peeking out from behind an opportunity,
but never quite within my reach.

And this space in between
the arm's length that keeps me at bay,
the one thing that is standing between my life being lived and my life being lived well,
is now finally coming into focus.

Life isn't about living at all;
it's about loving,
loving well.

And this loving well is not going to allow me to stay
unnoticed and secure,
safely seated on the back row of life.

No, this loving well is going to
jar me loose from complacency and comfort
and catapult me smack dab into the middle of someone's life.

This loving well is going to
unnerve me,
undo me,
unloose me.

This loving well is going to change me.

But, isn't this what I long for -
not more candles on my cake,
not more money in my account,
not more time on my hands,
not more me,

I watch as she goes about the extraordinary business of living her ordinary life well,
this woman who loves well,
and I see Him.


And I know without a shadow of a doubt
the only way to truly live life well,
is to lay it down,
to give it up,
to sacrifice it on the altar of love.

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1 comment:

  1. Stacy........ your words touch the depths of my heart.
    Thank you.
    I pray to always be a woman who loves well.
    God bless you precious one.


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