Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Changing of The Seasons~

I stood in the living room, staring straight ahead at the bricks framing our fireplace. 

“How have I never seen this before?” I wondered.  

Here, in plain sight, a small circle of light, no bigger than a dime, filled to overflowing with the colors of the rainbow.  Somehow, a ray of early morning light had slipped through the peep hole in our front door, its refractive beauty showcased for all to see.  Only, I hadn’t seen it until now.

I called to my husband who was in the kitchen pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Honey, come quick! You’ve got to see this!”

“See what?” he answered back. “Oh,” he said, as he saw where I was standing, “the rainbow of color above the fireplace?”

Not sure which was more astonishing, the fact that I had never seen this, or the fact that my love had and hadn’t bothered to mention it, I nodded my head up and down in total bewilderment . . .

. . . Today, I'm so thankful to be writing over at Incourage. To read the rest of today's post, come join me here.

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