Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blessed Beyond Words~

This morning,
as the water from my shower washed over me,
joy, thankfulness, and contentment flooded my heart.

Moment after moment,
memory after memory,
my heart reflected on
blessing upon blessing,
friendship upon friendship,
my whole life thru.

As I relived each moment,
focused on each person,
thought of God's blessings,
it hit me like never before.


So blessed, I thought,
that if my life ended right here,
right now,
in the middle of this shower,
my life would have been
more than enough,
more than satisfying,
more than I ever imagined it could be.

And I found myself singing the words from one of my favorite songs -

"If I never have another prayer that's answered,
Or have another blessing come my way.
If this is all I know of heaven's kindness,
Father, I would still have to say -
You have been good,
You have been good,
So many ways You've been good to me."

~Scott Krippayne

But, it didn't end there -
in my shower.

God graciously granted me
another day of life,
another day of blessings,
another day of hugs,
and one delight of my heart after another -
minute by minute,
moment by moment,
all day long.

And tonight,
even MORE than this morning (how is that even possible!),
my life is
more than enough,
more than satisfying,
more than I ever imagined it could be.

And, all I can say,
all I can do,
is bow my head as thanksgiving pours from my heart.

"Thank you, Lord."

Such a tiny sentence to express all that is in my heart,
it is all I have.

And, yet,
as this simple phrase ascends to Heaven and is heard by my Saviour,
the Giver of all good gifts,
it is more than enough,
more than satisfying,
more than pleasing to His heart.~♥

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