Monday, October 19, 2015

To Know and Be Known~

She sits on the couch across from me and before she evens speak, I can tell she knows the words she has yet to say have the potential to hurt my heart.

I know this because I know her.

Her heart is all love.  Her wisdom, God-sought and God-desired.  Her intentions, God-honoring.
I see the look in her eye and hear the hesitation in her voice.

"This might sound like it's coming from a place of gossip, since I'm not the one who actually heard it, but it's really not.  I think it's important for you to know what this appears like to others.  I know it's not true because I know you.  Your heart is always loving. You hate to hurt anyone.  I know what they are saying is not true, because I know you."

I know her and she knows me and because we do, despite the words and the opinions and the bitter feelings of those around us, we can talk heart to heart without being touched by anything other than the truth of the issue at hand.

She doesn't have to walk on egg shells.
I don't have to formulate a rebuttal or feel the need to defend myself.

It's a beautiful place to be - this space shared by two hearts who know each other.

"When I heard what was being said, I knew things didn't add up because what they were saying didn't sound like you.  I know you."

It is this knowing, - this truly knowing a person - that keeps the lies at bay.
It is this knowing, - this truly knowing a person - that doesn't waver when words are spoken and rumours fly, and accusations are spoken, and judgments are made.

It is this knowing, - this truly knowing a person - that breathes life and not death in a relationship.

We talk, heart to heart, and we promise to join our prayers together as we seek a solution for the situation we have discussed.  We hug, we thank each other for each other, and  then, she heads out the door back into her day.

Standing there alone in the silence, I can't help but ponder anew this precious gift of being known.  How, if we truly took the time to know others, if we truly took the time to understand another's perspective, if we truly took the time to lean in past our preconceived ideas and beyond a casual hello to know those in our midst, truth could be told, truth could be heard, and truth could prevail.

To know and be known.

And, I think about my God and the way He knows me.

How I am learning more and more, day by day, to know Him, too.  So much so, in fact, that when the enemy approaches me with words that don't sound like The Word, I turn a deaf ear.  When Satan tries to manipulate my thoughts, strangle my faith, sabotage my relationship, commandeer the abundant life Christ died to give me, I don't give any weight to what he is saying, to what he would have me believe.

When things don't add up  because what He is saying doesn't add up to what I know to be true, to what I know to be the God I know, I stop listening.

Instead, I hear the invitation to come, to be still, to know that I am God.

And, I realize more than ever.

This is not just some casual suggestion or rainy day, if and when you feel like it idea.  This is where I am held safe in the bond of truth.  This is where life is breathed into my relationship with my Heavenly Father and victory declared triumphant over the enemy of my soul.

Yes, it is a beautiful space - this space shared by two hearts who know each other.

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