Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tenderly Blessed~

As I sit at the dining room table, 
the wall separating our eating space from our sleeping space
is not "wall enough" 
to keep me from hearing the deep, slow, breathing of my sleeping husband. 

Breath after breath, 
I listen to my love breathe 
as I sit with my laptop
in the silence of the midnight hour. 

To hear him, 
to know he is just around the corner, 
down the hall, 
on the other side of this painted sheet rock wall, 
brings my heart comfort and peace.

As I place my fingers on my keyboard, 

I realize another truth: 
the world separating my physical space from my spiritual space
in not "world enough" 
to keep me from hearing the faithful, still small voice of my Heavenly Father. 
Verse after verse, 
I read from His Word 
as I sit in the midnight hour. 

To hear HIM,
to know HE is here, 
as close as a whisper,
in my very midst,
living inside me,
brings my heart comfort and peace.

As I am serenaded by the rhythm of slumber, 

I thank God for my man, 
my helpmate, 
my companion, 
my faithful friend,
my handsome honey.

As I am enveloped in the presence of divinity, 

my heart sings songs of praise to my Redeemer, 
my Saviour, 
My Wonderful Counselor, 
My Prince of Peace, 
My Shepherd, 
My Lover of my soul.

And, I smile.

I am loved and my heart is full.~♥

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