Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Very Timing of Our God~

The timing couldn't have been better.

But, wait.  I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's back up to the beginning.  Months and months ago.  A few weeks before Christmas, to be exact.

Seated in children's church, caring hearts who were missing one of their friends, were making handmade Christmas cards with this absent friend in mind.

Lovingly each child picked out the "perfect" color of construction paper, the "perfect" stickers, and the "perfect" pictures from recycled Christmas cards to create their own work of love.

As they cut, glued, and created, we thought (and talked) about our missing friend -
how spending Christmas away from his family and friends would be so very hard to do,
how being alone in a strange place would certainly be very strange (and kind of scary)
how having to stay at a far away place by yourself would make you feel so very far away,
how missing people you know while being with people you didn't might make you feel so very lonely,
how being reminded others were thinking about you and praying for you would be so very wonderful.

It was all of these"verys" that kept each child feverishly working away,
designing the perfect Christmas card for their friend.

Soon, our labor of love was finished. Cards were either lovingly placed inside a huge envelope or positioned on a nearby table to allow the glue to dry. On Monday morning, I gathered all the cards, packed them all together in the envelope and headed to the post office.  Mission accomplished.

Or, so I thought.

Which brings us back to the weekend months and months later when this happened.

As we stood in Children's church singing praises to our God, one little girl just happened to spot her Christmas card.  Instead of placing it on the table with all the others, she had placed hers on a far away bookcase at the opposite end of the room. When I had gathered all the cards, I had missed hers.

And now, there it sat.

"Oh no!  Look!  It's my card!  It's still here and Christmas is long over and I didn't get to give it to my friend."

Tears started to fill her eyes, and my eyes were quickly following suit.

"Oh, honey.  I'm so sorry.  I didn't see your card there.  I didn't know you had placed in on the bookshelf to dry.  I'm so sorry I didn't mail it with the others."

With all the mercy and grace she could muster up, she looked up at me with tear-filled eyes and said,  "That's ok, Ms. Stacy."

But, in my heart (and in hers, too, I'm sure), it didn't feel ok.

But God, in His impeccable timing, had already gone before us.

There in our very midst, worshipping and singing songs of praise with us that very morning, was the very one for whom this card was created.  He was back home.  He was back with us.  He was in this very room for the first time in a long time.

What, at first, seemed liked a missed opportunity now presented itself as the best opportunity of all:
being able to hand deliver her card,
being able to see the look of surprise on her friend's face,
being able to see the joy her card brought.

It didn't matter that the letters on this card spelled out "Merry Christmas".
It didn't matter that the construction paper was green and red.
It didn't matter that the pictures were of snowmen and presents.
It didn't matter that it was now summer.

"For me?  Thank you."

"Do you like it?"

"Very much" came his reply, as he looked at every single detail. "Very much."

I told you.
The timing couldn't have been better.

And so it is with you and me.

So many times in our life,
we think everything is
signed, sealed, and delivered,
a done deal,
a mission accomplished,
only to discover we have completely missed our opportunity altogether.

We glance around our life,
and suddenly we spot it-
a left behind dream,
an unopened promise,
a misplaced blessing,
and our heart wells up with tears.

But God, in His impeccable timing, has already gone before us.

We are confident 
that God is able 
to orchestrate everything 
to work toward something good and beautiful 
when we love Him 
and accept His invitation 
to live according to His plan. 
~ Romans 8:28 (Voice)

I don't know how.
I don't know when.
I don't know in what form or what fashion.
I don't know how your story or mine will come full circle.

But, I do know this.

If our God can arrange to have the very boy for whom a card was created arrive back in our very town, back in our very church, back in our very fellowship, the very day the card maker discovered it on the bookcase, He can arrange the very details of our life so that what, at first, seemed liked a missed opportunity will one day present itself as the very best opportunity of all.

It is all of these "verys" that keep me feverishly believing our God is working all things
for our good and His glory.

"For us, Father God?  Thank you."

"Do you like it?"

"Very much" will be our reply as we soak in every single detail. "Very much."

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