Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Not Even Myself~

Sitting in church one day,
I had one of the most profound revelations of my life thus far....
straight from God, straight to my heart. 

As the soloist sang, "God is my light and my salvation, whom then, shall I fear?",
the thought hit me . . . no one.

But, THAT wasn't my profound revelation.

You see, from childhood I have known, with God on my side, I have no one to fear. 

The revelation came when God's Spirit took this point one step further.  
No one....not even myself.  

Sitting on the pew, I suddenly realized I am my own worst enemy. 
I am the one I fear most.
I fear I will 
say the wrong thing, 
do the wrong thing, 
be the wrong thing.  

I fear I will 
hurt feelings, 
disappoint loved ones, 
insult strangers.  

I fear I will 
mess up, 
throw up, 
or give up.

 I. fear. me.

As the soloist sang the refrain again,"God is my light and my salvation, whom then, shall I fear?",
my lips moved as I whispered the answer:

No one - not even myself.  

This same God who can fight off my enemies
and storm the gates of Hell,
is the same God who can work 
in me and through me,
in spite of me. 
It's not by my might,
or my power,
but by the Spirit of the living God working in me and through me.
(Zechariah 4:6)

I can't,
but God can. 

Even if I do mess up,
my Redeemer can take my mess and transform it into a mighty message of amazing grace. 

Yes, my God can save me from anyone,
even myself!
Whom then, shall I fear? 

What a revelation! 
What sure victory!  
What a God.~♥

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