Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Faith to Go~

Only one time.
Just one.
That's it.

Like Gideon, when I set out my fleece asking God for confirmation, He answered.
And, like Gideon, wanting to know for sure what God had already revealed to me with my first fleece, I set out another one.  Only this time, God remained silent.

He answered only one time, the first time.

Why was God gracious (and patient!) enough to humor Gideon's need to know a second time,
a second time?
And, not mine?

As I sat staring at the San Jose flower blooming smack dab in the middle of our backyard (a seed from a flower in the front yard had obviously made it to our backyard, completely hidden out of sight, until a few weeks ago), I found my heart wrestling with the God who had been so gracious to answer me in the first place, the first time.

But, God.  I really, really, REALLY, need to know.  This is an important issue I'm grappling with.  This could (and most likely would) change everything.  This is HUGE, Lord.  Can't you please give me a  sign?

And, all I kept hearing over and over again in my spirit,
a first time,
a second time,
a third time,
a fourth time,
a fifth time,
a time for every time I questioned God,
was this:
I already did.

Followed by this question:
Do you trust me?

It was obvious my knowing the answer wasn't where the possible break down in my "doing or not doing" would happen.  It was in the area of my trusting and obeying.

I had heard God just fine.
But, was I listening?

If I wasn't listening with one fleece, what made me think I would listen with two, or three, or four BILLION?

God had spoken.
Now - would I move?

Yes, discovering God's will is important.  It really, really, REALLY matters because it can (and most likely will) change everything.

But, here's the thing:
Knowing God's will is not the same thing as doing God's will.
And, as much as God wants us to know His will, He only reveals it to us so we. can. do. it.

So many times, when we ask God for answers, we already know what God is whispering to our heart.
More times than not, when we try and determine God's will for our life,
we already have a good idea what His will might be.

I can't speak for you, but I can say this about me.

It's not the knowing (or lack of knowing)
that keeps me standing still,
it's the trusting and obeying.

Which takes me back to Gideon.

When God first approached Gideon,
Gideon was hiding in the winepress.
God -
who knows the beginning from the end,
who knows us better than we know ourselves,
who knows the ALL of all there is to know,
was very intentional in the words He chose to use to address this cowardly man.

God referred to Gideon as a mighty man of valor. 

Like the San Jose in my backyard,
God planted a seed of "future fruition"
into the soil of Gideon's heart,
only Gideon didn't even know it was there.

If Gideon would have realized it,
if he would have used his faith to water this seed,
it would had taken root and blossomed immediately.

Gideon never would have set out the fleece.
He wouldn't have needed to.
By the very name God called Gideon,
it was more than obvious,
God was calling Gideon into battle.

This unlikely mighty man of valor wasn't needing more direction,
he was needing more faith to trust and obey. 
God knew this and graciously gave Gideon what he needed. 
Two fleece-confirming moments later,
faith sprung up, blossomed,
and Gideon moved in the direction God was leading him.

Have you asked God for a sign?

Has He been faithful to show you?

And, like me,
do you find yourself waiting for
a second one,
or third one,
 or ...?

just maybe,
instead of asking God for a sign,
we need to be asking God
for another measure of faith.

just maybe,
instead of asking God to show us the way to go,
we need to ask God to give us courage to step out in the direction He is already leading us in.

just maybe,
instead of asking God to help us hear His voice,
we need to ask God to help us listen and obey.

just maybe,
what's holding you and I back is not the need to know,
but the faith to go.

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  1. You nailed it! Thanks for the boost today.....

  2. You nailed it! Thanks for the boost today.....

  3. I agree with Linda--you really nailed it! I was thinking how Gideon didn't have to distinguish between his own voice in his head and God's voice because he interacted in person with the angel of the Lord, but then I suppose in these days even if we had that amazing experience, we would STILL question it! Seriously, there have been a lot of people (and is it just me, or it it getting to be more frequent?) who claim to have all sorts of special revelation from God (except it doesn't align with the Bible, so it is NOT from God.) I think we've all struggled with this. If what we think He said to us matches up with the Bible, then I believe He will honor the steps of faith we take.


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