Friday, June 26, 2015

His Mission~

 As I sat in a small room, waiting to be seen by a doctor, I could see the elderly gentleman sitting in a small room, waiting to be seen by a doctor, across the hall from me. His eyes, dim. His head, hung low. His spirit, weak. His eyes met mine, and when they did, I smiled. In his weakened conditioned, he smiled back, but only with his eyes.

As I turned my gaze to the bare white walls, I heard the voice of another patient, sitting in a small room, being seen by the doctor, down the hall from me. The conversation not mine to hear, drifted into my heart anyway. His progress, slow. His diagnosis, dismal.

I looked up at the ceiling, and soon found myself listening in to a one-sided phone conversation. A lady, sitting in a small room, waiting to be seen by a doctor, next door to me, was checking in on her child. Left home alone, this mother's heart was there with her child as she sat on the other side of the wall from me.

And right then and there,            

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God showed me why I was here, 
in this small room, 
waiting to be seen by a doctor.

I was here for him, 
and him, 
and her. 

I was here for every single person who, 
today, tomorrow, or all the days after, 
will find his or herself sitting in one of these small rooms. 

I was here to intercede on their behalf. 

I was sitting in this room, 
so that while I was waiting to be seen by a doctor, 
I could lift these precious people up to the Great Physician
who is always and forever sitting on the right hand of God 
waiting to hear and answer our petitions.

This wasn't about me.
It was about them.
This wasn't simply a routine doctor appointment.
This was a heavenly invitation, a divine appointment. 

One, of God only knows how many,
given to you and I each and every single day of our life.

May our eyes, see.
May our ears, hear.
May our hearts, respond.
May our spirit, intercede.

Each and every time God places

a heavenly invitation,
a divine appointment, 

in our midst,
may we never fail to accomplish His mission.~♥

 (Re-posting from Dec. 2014 and giving God ALL the glory for the healing He has brought into my life. Praying the same and more for these who suffer even now.)

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