Monday, June 8, 2015

Comfortable in God~

I could give Jonah a run for his money.
I really could. 
Just like Jonah, when I hear God calling me to a place that seems to have 
the tiniest inkling of fear, uncertainty, or possibility for a bad ending, 
I turn tail and run. 

Because you see, just like Jonah, 
I often turn my gaze from The One calling me, to the place I'm being asked to go. 
I take my eyes off The Caller and place them on me, the callee. 
Once God points me in a direction, I suddenly no longer see HIM, 
but all the preconceived roadblocks, challenges, battles seemingly looming up ahead. 
I no longer see the great I AM, I see me - incapable, under qualified, sure to mess it up, me.
No wonder I turn and run. 
Having to go in MY own strength and ability would make anyone turn and run.

And yet, 

in this new thing God is doing in me,
in this new season of my life where I have committed in my heart to answer "yes, Lord", 
I am finding myself running in a new direction. 

Now, when God calls, I head straight to Him. 
I fall at His feet and say, "Lord, You must have the wrong girl. 
But, if this is Your will, 
if this is where You are leading,
if it is me You are sending,
then You go in my place."

I hand the mission back over to God and then pray for courage to give Him complete reign in my life.

I listen for His instructions and pray for wisdom to go, to be, to do His bidding. 
I empty myself of my strength and the notion that I could ever begin to accomplish His task, 
and step into the truth that with Christ working in me and through me, nothing is impossible. 
I get me and everything else out of the way so that all I can see is God. 

And, when I do, 
when I run straight to Almighty God, 
running away is no longer an option.

Where is God calling you? 

What is God asking of you? 
Where does God want to use you 
to build His kingdom, 
to reach broken hearts, 
to bring healing and restoration? 

Is it a place that seems to have the tiniest inkling of fear, uncertainty, or possibility for a bad ending? 

Are you heading to Tarsus when you should have booked a one-way ticket to Nineveh?

Look to God. 

Take your eyes off your destination. 
Take your eyes off the mission. 
Take your eyes off of you. 

Look to The One calling you.

In Him, you will find everything you need to say "yes, Lord." 
In Him, you will find more than enough to go, to be, to do His bidding. 

Instead of running away, run to God. 
Dare to believe He will work in you and through you, in spite of you.~♥

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