Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Eyes of the Heart~

I sit at my desk, staring straight ahead, and yet seeing nothing in particular.

Sometimes, the eyes of the heart take precedence.

I have work to do, projects to complete, emails to answer,
but here,
between me and all that is still left undone
is the face of this precious one in need.

I long to reach out, to ease the pain, to heal the hurt, to undo what's been done, to right this wrong.
I wrestle with anger over what has happened, what shouldn't have happened, and what didn't happen.
I struggle to hold back my tears, untie the knots in my stomach, and keep from coming completely undone.

And, I can't see beyond the face of this one in need.

Not when I look out the window.
Not when I gaze out the door into the hallway.
Not when I stare at the ceiling.
Not when I glance down at my keyboard.

It is ever before me,
standing in the way of all that would vie for my attention.

And I realize, more than maybe ever before in my life,
this is more than me sympathizing with a friend in need.
This is more than me bearing the burden of a brother.

Yes, sometimes, the eyes of the heart take precedence,
so all you can see
is the one you need to carry to Jesus in the cries of your heart,
on the words of your prayers.

To intercede.
To stand in the gap.
To go boldly before God's throne of grace to find help in a time of need.

It is
our highest privilege,
our greatest honor,
our solemn duty,
our not-to-be-ignored, not-to-be-missed, not-to-be-delayed, not-to-be-taken-lightly calling.

I bow my head and pray.
As tears make their way down my cheek and onto my desk,
I lift this one up to The One with nail-scarred hands. 

Moments later,
I pray again.

All afternoon.
All evening.
Even now.

As long as God places him before me,
I will place him before God.

And God,
He will be
faithful to hear, faithful to answer, faithful to heal, faithful to restore, faithful to redeem.

It's what God does,
when we do what He has called us,
His prayer warriors,
to do.

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