Monday, March 2, 2015

Eyes of Faith~

Oh, Father God-
How often we fail to remember that what we see isn't always what You are doing.

We march around the city of Jericho six times and we see - nothing.
We dip in the Jordan river six times and we see - nothing.
We look at our circumstances and begin to believe You are doing nothing.

We live in the physical world with our physical eyes seeing only the physical
and we forget that You are not bound by the physical limitations of this world.

You are the Almighty, Creator God! 

Help us to keep our eyes on YOU, Lord, not on this world.
Help us to keep our focus on YOU, Lord, and not on what we see.
Help us to keep our spiritual eyes on YOU,
and not on what appears to be the physical reality in our life.
Lord, keep us walking around our enemy
even when we see no signs of victory.

Lord, keep us dipping in obedience to You,
even when we see no signs of healing.

Lord, keep us believing in the not seen
even when,
especially when,
every time when,
everything we see is telling us not to.

Oh Father God,
Help us to be those who walk by faith not by sight.

In Jesus' powerful, precious, miracle-working name we pray,

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