Friday, January 2, 2015

A Failproof Plan~

Each year when January rolls around, I find myself (much like everyone else I know) committed to making this brand new year better than the one before. This January is no exception. As I head out into 2015, I have some definite goals in mind. In fact, I spent one whole afternoon doing nothing but searching my heart, praying and pin-pointing the changes that need to take place in my life if I am ever going to live the abundant life Christ desires for me to live. Here's what I came up with:

Give 100% to my health by:
- making sleep a priority. Nothing less than 7 hours will do.
- drinking water…..lots and lots of water.
- being extremely selective about what I let enter my mouth.
More fruits, veggies
Vitamins every day….twice a day!
Less sugar, refined or processed food
- spending time outdoors,soaking up sun, reading and relaxing
- exercising -walking, rebounding, doing the elliptical, sit ups
- being mindful of my posture. Work on it daily.

Experience more joy by:
- laughing at myself more often (there's "laughing" again!)
- being willing to try, even if I fail
- forgiving myself immediately when I do fail
- resisting the temptation to compare myself to other people (especially other women)
- guarding my heart from the insensitive and hurtful remarks of others
- applauding my successes
- welcoming each new day, along with each new challenge
- investing in the lives of others
- strengthening current relationships by making them a priority

Grow in my relationship with Christ by:
- spending time daily in prayer and in God's word
- embracing God's will for my life instead of questioning it or resisting it
- using my spiritual gifts to bless others and bring glory to God
- exercising my faith by taking God at His word and living my life resting on His promises
- reflecting daily on the presence of God in my life

Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?! And, guess what? This year I know I will be successful at adopting these goals and making them a part of my every day life. How can I be so sure? Because this year, I am also committed to taking life one day at a time.

If tonight I don't happen to get 7 hours of sleep, that's ok. I don't have to cross this "resolution" off my list. I can simply try again the next night. You see, this is where I always failed in the past. If I happened to fail, I would simply give up. As elementary as this may sound, I have finally come to the realization that each day is a new beginning. I am not perfect so I don't know why I expect myself to live perfectly each day. In the past I have used my imperfection as an excuse to give up. Not this year. I am committed to keep trying, day after day, and I am confident that I will succeed. How could I not?! If I get 7 hours of sleep, 5 days or so out of 7, that's better than never getting 7 hours of sleep, right?!

I see you nodding your head in agreement. I can see the smile starting to appear on your face. You understand exactly what I am saying. You, too, have launched out into the new year with grandiose plans only to fail, give up, and fall back into your old habits. Not this year. This year you can join me on this journey to personal success. If we fail, we will try again. Giving up and jumping ship is not an option.

Failure is not fatal. Only failure to get back up is. ~ John C. Maxwell

So, are you with me? If you haven't already, why not take some time today or this weekend to make a list of your own. Then, each and every day, strive to meet these expectations and goals.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. If we are faithful to do our best, God, in turn, will be faithful to provide us everything we need to live a life that brings glory and honor to Him, and blesses others. With Christ we can DO all things. We can move forward knowing that the victory is already ours in and through Christ! With Jesus by our side, today will be the beginning of something wonderful!

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