Friday, December 19, 2014

What I've Learned in 49 Years of Life~ (A Birthday Post)

1.  Listening isn't always hearing.  Hearing isn't always listening.

2.  God will always bless us with that which matters most.

3.  Suffering can be an excellent teacher if we choose to embrace it and allow it to teach us.

4.  "Me, too."  What comfort is found in these two words.

5.  To pray for another, what a privilege . To be prayed for, what a gift.

6. Children teach us more than we can ever hope to teach them.

7. In times of silence and stillness, God is still there, still moving, still working out His plan.

8. God's plans are perfectly perfect.

9.  Asking for help doesn't mean you're weak, it means you're wise.

10.  God's timing is not our timing, but it is the right timing, every time.

11. Words matter. 

12. God is all-loving, all-knowing - a beautiful combination,
wise (and happy!) is the one who remembers this.

13.  Some of the most satisfying moments of life are found beyond your comfort zone.

14.  When God speaks, the only appropriate response is to obey. (Thank you, Priscilla Shirer)

15.  Seeing the world through the lens of a camera is like seeing the world for the very first time.

16.  It doesn't take much time to go from being 9 years old to 49 years old.

17.  When we're willing to say "yes" to God, our life takes on a brand new meaning
       that often takes us in a brand new direction.

18.  Wherever we go, God goes, too.

19.  Taking time for yourself does not mean your selfish, it means you are mindful of the gift of life
       God has given you.

20.  Each day is filled with opportunities to touch a life with the love of Jesus. Don't miss them.

21.  Sunsets never get old.  The moon, always something to look forward to each month.

22.  Holding a cup of hot coffee in your hands warms more than just your fingertips.

23.  The golden rule, do to others what you would have them do to you, is worth its weight in gold.

24.  Our life has a far greater impact on those around us than we are often aware of.

25.  A day at the beach can make up for all the other days spent away from the beach.

26.  Not everything is black and white, that's why God made color.

27.  Impressing others is hard work and rarely successful.  Just be you.

28.  Time alone with God is a necessity, not an "if I have an extra minute".

29.  God. can. do. anything.  Absolutely. anything.

30. How others see you is not important. How others see God in you is.
31.  Fear steals and paralyzes; faith frees and propels.

32.  Peas are still peas no matter how you fix them.

33.  As followers of Jesus, kind shouldn't be what we do, 
kind should be who we are.

34.  You can't get through life without some scrapes and bruises, so play hard, work hard, love hard.

35.  Love isn't something God does; love is who God is.

36.  A compliment, which takes only a moment to give, 
may last a lifetime in the heart of the one who receives it.

37.  A random act of kindness blesses twice; first the giver, then the recipient.

38.  Attention to detail should never trump attention to people.

39. The more tired (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) we are, the more vulnerable we become.

40.  Patience is a gift you give yourself.

41.  To play a role in the life of a child, what an honor.

42.  Saying "I do" to the love of your life isn't a one time promise; it's a lifetime response.

43.  People aren't perfect. Don't expect them to be.

44.  Dwelling on what you don't have makes you feel poor. 
Dwelling on what you do have makes you  feel rich.

45.  Erring on the side of kindness seldom turns out to be an error.

46. God is so overwhelming that sometimes, 
the thought of who He is and the beauty of all that He is,
       can take your breath away.

47.   Knowing about Jesus is not the same as knowing Jesus.

48. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit prompts our heart to talk to someone about God. 
And sometimes, the Holy Spirit prompts our heart to talk to God about someone.

49.  I am loved, oh so very loved. (and so are you.)

                                                                Gracious Heavenly Father, 
On this day, 
the day you introduced me to the world 49 years ago,
I praise You.
Thank you for the gift of life.
Thank you for MY life.
Thank you for all of Your blessings - the happy, the sad, the good, the bad.
In each and all, YOU ARE and I praise You.
May I live for you, Father God.
Every moment of every day,
may You be seen in me.
In Jesus' precious name, I pray.

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