Sunday, October 26, 2014

Have You Seen Him?

My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.
~Job 42:5

Maybe, like Job, your ears have heard of God.
But, have you eyes seen God?

It wasn't until calamity struck,
and well-meaning friends spoke,
and Job found himself in the seat of affliction,
that his eyes were opened to truly see God.

As humans,
we can't possibly begin to understand what God is up to in our lives.

How can we, who only live in the here and now,
ever begin to understand our God,
who lives in the beginning and the end and all points in between?

How can we, who only see bits and pieces of our life,
ever begin to understand our God,
who with His voice, spoke the world into existence,
and who with His hand, scooped up dust,
and who with His breathe, breathed life into you and me?

How can we, who judge this and judge that,
ever begin to understand our God,
who in The Judge and The Ruler of all things?

And, yet, we try, don't we?

With no more than a glimpse here,
and an incidence there,
and a word we have heard there,
we think we understand our God.

With only human reason to stand on,
we stand up
and dare to
speak for God,
speak about God,
speak as God.

From the beginning of time,
God has had a purpose in mind.
From the first moment of creation,
God has been creating with intentionality.
From the time you took your first breath,
to right now as you are reading this,
God has been,
God is,
and God will forever be
working all things for your good and His glory.

Maybe, like Job, you have heard about God.
But, have you seen Him?

Have you truly seen Him?

The next time you find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of affliction,
don't try to reason it through,
don't try to explain it away,
don't try to
understand it,
debate it,
rationalize it,
rebuke it,
fight it.

Simply, look for God in it.
He is there,
waiting to be seen.

My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you. 
~Job 42:5


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