Saturday, October 11, 2014

Because, Not Everyone Does~

Several weekends ago,
I stepped out onto my patio and discovered this.

I immediately ran inside,
grabbed my camera,
darted back outside,
and began snapping photos.

Once the balloon drifted out of sight,
I hurried to my computer to share this amazing sight on Facebook.

My status:
Look what was in my backyard this morning ;)  
When I snapped the photo, the pilot surprised me by saying "Good Morning, young lady." 
That's how close it was. Since I was still in my PJs, I just gave a shy wave back. ;)

Now, I admit. 
It's not everyday you wake up to find a hot air balloon floating around in your backyard.
However, since I'm a New Mexico native,
and Albuquerque is the Hot Air Balloon capitol of the world,
I've seen more than a few in my day. 

Exciting, yes.
(Especially when the pilot was close enough to speak to me.)

WOW material, not so much. 
Unless you live in Delaware, or Wisconsin, or California, or Timbuktu. 

That's when it dawned on me.

Not everyone does.  Have the privilege of seeing a hot air balloon, that is.
Something that was a rather "normal" sight to me, was amazing to my Facebook friends. 

That's when the Holy Spirit gently nudged my heart.

Not everyone does, Stacy.  Know about Jesus, that is. 

What if I wouldn't have taken a photo that morning?
What if I wouldn't have bothered to share it with my friends?


When it comes to Jesus, He is more than amazing.  He is more than WOW material. 

To quote *lyrics from Sandi Patti and Larnell Harris:
He’s more wonderful than my mind can conceive
He’s more wonderful than my heart can believe
He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams.
He’s everything that my soul ever longed for
Everything He’s promised and so much more
More than amazing, more than marvelous
More than miraculous could ever be
He’s more than wonderful, that’s what Jesus is to me.

Having grown up a Christian,
in a Christian home,
hearing and knowing and learning about God all my life,
I don't always remember the simple, yet heartbreaking truth:
not everyone does.
Know Jesus, that is.

Sharing my balloon experience, brought smiles and happy thoughts.

Sharing my Jesus experience will
set the captives free,
turn mourning into dancing,
infuse hope,
break the chains of guilt,
transform a heart,
save a soul.

That's when the fire of God blazed anew in my heart.

I've got to tell the world about Jesus.

Right here.
Right now.
All the time.

And, you?  You do, too.

You and I
because. . .
not everyone does.

You and I
until . . .
everyone does.~♥

*More Than Wonderful

(reposting from 2012)
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