Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rest of Your Story~

The rest of the story . . . 

So often, 
we look at where we have been, 
and where we are now, 
and we somehow think this is the sum of our story. 

We wonder 
why this has happened, 
why that has taken place, 
and we give no further thought to how all the pieces of our life might fit into a bigger picture, 
still being put together
by a BIG God.

The Bible is overflowing with "the rest of the story" accounts. 

Twists in the plot of life that can only be attributed to a God who is always at work in our lives.

Jochabed places her tiny baby in a basket, then places it in the river in an attempt to safe its very life. 

God steps in and leads Pharaoh's daughter to find not only the baby, 
but also the baby's very own mother, Jochabed, to nurse and care for it. 
Moses is saved, and Jochabed gets paid to raise her own son.

Joseph is thrown into a pit, than into a prison. 

God steps in and leads Joseph straight to the palace. 
Egypt, as well as surrounding countries, are saved from a famine 
and Joseph's very own brothers hear their now exalted younger brother say, 
"You intended to harm me, 
but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, 
the saving of many lives."

The rest of the story . . .

Don't let where you are now,
keep you from trusting your God for where you may one day be. 
Don't let the circumstances you find yourself in now 
convince you this is all there is, 
all there will ever be.

Your "rest of the story" is coming.
Your pieces are still be putting into place.
One day, when all is said and done,
your story will no doubt reveal,
twists in the plot of your life that can only be attributed
to a God who is always at work in our life.

One day, you too, will see
your perfectly perfect "bigger picture",
tailored made,
personally orchestrated,
divinely created,
by your BIG God.~♥

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