Friday, June 27, 2014

When Your Ride Doesn't Fit~

Sitting at a red light on my drive to work, two very different vehicles passed in front of me with two very unexpected drivers inside. The first one that passed was a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, compact car. Inside, behind the wheel - a super tall, broad shouldered young man about 20. Directly behind him, a rough and tough, big and sturdy, manly looking jeep. Inside, behind the wheel - a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, old lady about 80. I had to smile. And, as He is faithful to do, God spoke to my heart.

Sometimes, we find our self cruising through life in situations and circumstances that don't seem to fit who we are. The lady who dreamed of being a mom is childless. The college aged athlete who dreamed of playing professional sports is battling a crippling disease. The husband who longs to fight for his family is fighting a drug addiction. The young mother of five who dreamed of growing old with the love of her life is a widow.

As we maneuver through life, we feel cramped and uncomfortable. We feel tiny and overwhelmed. We feel out of sorts, out of place, and sometimes, out of God's care. And yet, as I watched these cars pass before my eyes, the one truth that remained was this: they were each moving forward. Maybe their means of transportation isn't what they would have chosen. Maybe they, too, felt a little conspicuous and a little out of their comfort zone, but they were moving forward. They were making progress.

And, maybe it's the same with us. We don't always get to choose what our life 'looks like". We don't always get to be the one calling the shots, determining the outcome, picking out the life we want. And yet, if we keep our eyes on Jesus, if we keep on keeping on, if we don't stop, if we don't give up, if we don't pull over on the side of the road, we, too, will make forward progress.

Sometimes, it's not about what we're traveling through life in

but where we're traveling through life to. 

This world is not our home. We are just passing through. Keep moving forward, my friend. Keep on keeping your eyes on Jesus. Keep on stepping out in faith. If you do, your God will lead you safely home.~♥

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