Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Unskewing" Our Skewed View~

 We humans are excellent at jumping to conclusions. 

Our only problem is - the conclusions we often land on aren't always accurate. 

We analyze and determine based on our perception, 
our feelings, 
our own "take on things" and come to a conclusion. . . 
and then, sadly, live as though our conclusion is truth.

"They didn't wave at me as I drove passed them this morning. They must be upset with me." 

(Maybe they didn't see you.)

"He didn't answer me. He must be giving me the silent treatment. 

(Maybe he didn't hear you or he's trying to keep the peace.)

"Little Johnny won't eat his breakfast. He's just being stubborn and onery." 

(Maybe Little Johnny isn't feeling well.)

On and on ....

all day long ... 
we see life through the narrow view of "self" and sadly 
attach a label here, 
make a judgment call there, 
build anger and resentment over this, 
fume and fuss over that . . . 
without ever stopping to truly see, completely realize, or take the time to delve deeper.

may we this day, 
not allow our humanness, 
 our own feelings, 
our own "take on things" 
to take our thoughts in a wrong direction. 

May we not try to second guess, 
or pre-judge those around us. 

May we simply live our life as instruments of your love - 
giving grace, 
taking no offense, 
judging no one. 

May we be 
peace makers,
 love lavishers, 
grace givers 
everywhere we go, to everyone we meet. 
In Jesus' precious name we pray, Amen~♥

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