Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Lesson From a Drive Thru~

God is all-loving, all-knowing - a beautiful combination,
and yet, so many times, we forget this.

Today, as I was sitting at a drive thru

(yes - I know . . .  those of you who have been reading here for any amount of time at all know I find myself sitting at a drive thru quite often - but, that is not the point. It's definitely something for me to ponder and re-evaluate  - but, not now - now it's time to get back to our story) ....

as I was sitting at a drive thru, I looked up from my wallet just in time to notice a huge whirlwind, complete with tumbleweeds, loose pieces of paper, trash of all kind, etc., headed straight for the drive thru line, straight for my car, straight for me.

As the young lady working the window reached out to take my money, I yelled at her to close her window as I quickly rolled up mine.  She looked at me with a quizzical look on her face, and once again, tried to reach out to take my money. I shook my head "no" while motioning for her to close her window.  Unsure of what was going on, she finally, albeit reluctantly, closed her window.

And, then ... the whirlwind hit and with it, flying debris and dust galore!

It was gone as quick as it had come.
I rolled my window down as the lady at the window once again opened her window.

"Oh, WOW! Now I know why you told me to close my window!"

"Yep! I saw it coming."

"I sure didn't and I couldn't understand why you were yelling at me to close my window or why you would close your window on me.  Now, I do."

And, as so often happens when I'm at a drive thru
(see - maybe drive thrus aren't all that bad, after all),
God spoke to me.

So many times we are totally unaware of what is coming.

Standing at the window of life, we try to reach out with a "business as usual" kind of mindset,
when God, all of a sudden, without explanation,
closes a window on us.

With a quizical look on our face, and without so much as a reason why from God,
we hear Him telling us to close our window,
to walk away,
to be done,
to move on,
to shut out or shut off something or someone,
and we hesitate.

And then . . . the whirlwind hits. 

"Oh, WOW, God.  Now I know why you told me to close that!"

"Yep! I saw it coming."

Yes, our God is all-loving, all-knowing - a beautiful combination,
wise (and happy!) is the one who remembers this.

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