Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shine Through Me~

God of all wonders,
Maker of Heaven and Earth,
The One who designed the sun to rule the day,
and the moon to rule the night,
Designer of my life,
Rule in my heart today.

May my life be a pure reflection of You.
May my words,
my actions,
my very being,
brighten the path of those stumbling in darkness.

May they see You,
Creator God,
Father of Mercy,
Lover of their Soul,
Saviour and Friend,
illuminating from me.

May my life cause their eyes to look up and gaze upon Your
and love.

May all I say and everything I do, point to You, Father God,
so that they, too, might discover
the wonder of who You are -
the beauty in knowing You,
the joy in serving You,
the peace in trusting You.
In Jesus' precious name,

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