Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Forget to Hand It Off~

Of course. It made perfect sense. 

Her words were not new to my ears.  I had heard them before.  Many times before, in fact.

Somehow, they had always managed to simply slip through my heart, dismissed as "what a nice idea", or "wouldn't that be wonderful" or "that's what they tell me".

This day, though, these precious words settled in my heart.

This time, God, Himself, spoke them to me through the words of a prayer spoken over me by this precious prayer warrior.

"Father God,
You have given your servant, Stacy, such a tender heart. The hurts of your people hurt her.
She sees the sorrow others carry in their heart, and this sorrow becomes her own. 
She feels the stress that weighs heavy upon the minds of those near here, and this load  is weighing her down. You have given her the gift of mercy, a beautiful gift, but now, I pray you teach her how to use this gift.

(Use this gift?  God was speaking and my heart was listening.)

Teach your daughter, this tender hearted vessel, how to turn these cares over to you. 
Father God, you never meant for Stacy to carry this load.
You never intended for these heartaches to take up residence in her own heart. 
You have given her this gift of mercy, not to burden her heart with stress and heartache,
but rather that through her,
You can release your comfort, healing, wisdom, and power to those in need.
As her heart breaks for what breaks yours,
help her exchange the sorrow,
exchange the worry,
exchange the stress and anxiety,
for a prayer. 
As she brings these concerns boldly before Your throne of grace,
You can then take this gift of mercy and use it to minister to those in need.  
Help her to release it ALL to You, and  then to leave it in Your hands, knowing that her prayer is making a difference. 
May this truth settle in her heart. 
May she trade her heaviness,
trade this burden that is weighing her down,
for the joy that comes in knowing and believing she is standing in the gap,
interceding, and making a difference in the lives of your people. 
Thank you, Father God. In Jesus' precious name, I pray. Amen.

The exchange.
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Like a runner, carrying a baton in a relay race, I was more than willing to take hold of what life handed me through the lives of those around me.  As tears flowed, as problems presented themselves, as trials and tribulations appeared on the faces and lives of others, I was always faithful to reach out and take hold of them. 

She was right.  This was nothing of my own doing.  God had "gifted" me this way. 

As I bore the baton of heartache, I tried to sprint forward.  I tried, and tried, and tried.  Sadly, the finish line never appeared.  Lap after lap, the baton only grew heavier and my endurance weaker.  I pressed forward only to find myself losing ground, losing faith, losing the very race I so desperately wanted to win.  And, I was tired, exhausted, and broken-hearted.

Have you been there? 

Through the prayer of this precious lady, God opened my eyes to see how very ineffectively I was using this precious gift He had given me.

God didn't want me to carry the burdens of everyone I met,
He simply wanted me to be the middle man,
running a leg in the race,
receiving and then handing off.


This is how you and I can make. it. count.

Not carrying the load
not  overcome with sorrow,
not stumbling around overburned and broken hearted.

God never intended for us to be full of pity.
His intention is for us to take our pity and turn it into a prayer that knocks upon the very door of Heaven.

God never desired for us to carry the load of others.
His desire is for us to carry this load boldy before His throne of grace.

Don't forget to make the exchange.

If you and I want to make a difference,
if you and I want to make. it. count.
we have to hand it over to God.

We are hopeless to change a situation. He IS hope.
We are incapable of healing a broken heart. He IS healing
We are unable to answer a prayer. He IS the answer.

Are you weighed down by the hurts of this world?
Are you carrying sorrow, stress, and heartache God never planned for you to carry?

Hand it over to God.

All of the smypathizing and empathizing in the world,
won't change the world.

Only God can.

Through the gift of mercy,
God desires you and I to take hold of the hurt, yes,
but only long enough to hand it over to Him.

Today, turn your worry, your stress, your heartache into a prayer and exchange it for the peace and joy found in  and through prayer.

Today, exchange your heaviness for a prayer and and Make. It. Count.

Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.
~ 1 Peter 5:7, AMP

Sometimes, we need a little reminder.  
This is what God is reminding me (and maybe, you, too) of today. 
(Re-posting from the Make. It. Count. series of 2012)

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  1. Stacy- I put my name in this post- it was perfect for me as it is for you.
    Thank you so much for sharing this precious time with Abba- you have ministered to this old hart down under in New Zealand.
    A thousand thank yous. and blessings for ever more.


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