Monday, March 3, 2014

"Feed Him or Put Him Down for A Nap"~

 "Either feed him or put him down for a nap." 

Wise words from my yet-to-be mother-in-law when I first starting dating her son.

"If he starts acting like a bear - 
growling and easily irritated,
he's either hungry or tired. 
Feed him, or put him down for a nap."

Over the years, 

when my husband's words or actions seemed to be directed at me
and came near to bruising my heart or turning me into a "bear" as well,
I have been reminded of these words and looked past my husband's behavior to the root of the issue. 

A sandwich later, or a good night's sleep later, all is happy and good again. 

And amazingly, I've found these same words of wisdom are true of me, (and possibly you) too.

I've also discovered they ring true in my spiritual walk. 

When life gets crazy and threatens to bruise my heart,
or threatens to bring out the crazy in me -
I know it's time to feed on God's Word
or it's time to
rest in His faithfulness,
rest in His power and might, 
or rest in His love. 

A scripture or two later, a few moments with God later - all is happy and good again.

Is life growling at you? 

Are you growling at life? 

Maybe, it's time to feed your inner man or put him down for a nap.~♥

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