Saturday, February 15, 2014


Today, I met a young woman, 
who - when I started a verse of scripture, could finish it before me, 
who - knew all about the armor of God, including using the sword of the Spirit (God's Word) to fight the enemy, 
who - had read book after book about "the battlefield of the mind" and keeping our thoughts on God, 
who - knew the enemy only comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus came that we might have life and life more abundant (John 10:10) 
who - had been raised in church her entire life, 
who - now in her early 20's was admittedly a drug user, substance abuser, without anything or anyone, down and out.

And, I was reminded once again.
It is not enough to know God's Word.
It is not enough to go to church.
It is not enough to read spiritual books.
It is not enough to know about God.

Satan, himself, can quote scripture.
Satan, himself, knows about God.

What takes
this knowledge, this knowing, this quoting, this understanding
and transforms it into truth that sets free, power that overcomes?

The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit leads us into truth -
not just a knowledge of the truth, but Truth itself.
Truth that sets us free.

The Holy Spirit empowers us to overcome -
not just in word, but in deed and action.
Power that keeps us free.

And, yet - standing only a few feet away from one so far away 

from the transforming, life-saving, truth-freeing, overcoming power of God, I was also reminded of this:

Each day, 

each moment, 
at anytime and anyplace, 
we are all in jeopardy of falling prey to the enemy 
if we don't choose to allow the Holy Spirit to rule supreme in our heart and life. 
If we don't daily, 
minute by minute, 
surrender to the Spirit, 
we, too can 

"It's so hard," she says, tears and mascara streaming down her face. "The enemy is SO strong."

Greater is He that is in you (I say) . . . than he that is in the world (she finishes). (1 John 4:4)

And with that, she walked out the door. 

And my heart, even now, is bowed low.
And my prayers, even now, are lifted high.
And my faith, even now, is interceding on behalf of this precious heart.

Set her free, Father God.
Pour out Your Spirit and set her free.~♥

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