Sunday, February 23, 2014

Inner More than Outer~

I gently massage my face 
while rubbing in the last bit of moisturizing creme still on my fingertip
and I wonder - 
where have the years gone? 

No doubt about it, 
my outer man is showing the wear and tear of life 
as dimples now parade themselves in wrinkles, 
and freckles are hidden behind age spots.

As I close the lid on my "nighttime nourishing" creme

and open the cabinet to put it away, 
I spot a "fortune" from a fortune cookie
that was tucked into the corner of the cabinet door years ago: 
Your inner beauty radiates. Nourish it.

And, I smile. 

And, I remember the night I placed it there
to remind me of just this: 
outer beauty is fleeting, but inner beauty - 
this is what is precious in the sight of the Lord. 
A meek and gentle spirit. 
A heart after His.

I turn off the bathroom light and head for bed 

and my Bible on the nightstand. 
It is time to nourish my inner man.~♥

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