Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank You, Jesus~

As I reached for the alarm, and sat up in bed, the dream that had just been interrupted was still vivid in my mind.  As I put on my slippers and made my way down the darkened hallway and into the kitchen, I couldn't help thinking about what I had "witnessed" a few minutes earlier while tucked under my covers, sound asleep. As the coffee brewed and I booted up my laptop, this dream kept making its way to the front seat of my heart, driving every topic of conversation in my mind straight to the image I had seen while I slept.

I was in a car with someone I knew very well (maybe my sister or a dear friend - I couldn't quite tell who). We were driving down a back country road  in the middle of nowhere. As this someone navigated the car down this windy, barren stretch of highway, we rode along enjoying each other's company, laughing, talking, and marveling at the beautiful scenery unfolding before us.

As we topped a small hill, the driver suddenly pulled over on the side of the road.

"What's the matter?" I asked, as she opened  the car door and stepped out.

"I forgot to say 'thank you'," came the reply. "I'll be right back." 

Here? I thought.  

In the middle of nowhere?   

Walking through the open countryside without a house or a person in sight?  

Thank you?

I watched as she made her way over to a small cluster of trees.
Then, I watched as she knelt down, right then and there, and began to pray.

Instantly, I turned my head, feeling as though somehow my gaze was intruding,
that this was a holy moment made for two, not three.

Minutes later, she returned to the car and we continued on our way.

"I always forget to say 'thank you'. I pray and God graciously hears my pleas and extends His hand. My life overflows with His blessings. But, so often, without even thinking about it, I snatch up the blessing and go.  I enjoy the gift without thanking the The Giver. I breathe a sigh of relief without whispering a word of thanksgiving to The One who has come to my rescue. I always seem to forget to say 'thank you'."'

We drove a few more minutes in silence, then she continued.

"Like today. My father hasn't been feeling well. This morning, I prayed and asked God to help him, to give him some peace, to help him enjoy his day. When I spoke with my mother a few hours later, she said my father was doing so much better.  I was happy to be sure.  SO very happy, but I didn't bother to stop and say "thank you". Until just now. As we topped that hill, I thought about my father and the way he loves cresting a hill, and I suddenly remembered, once again, I had received of God's hand without so much as a look back, a smile heavenward, or a heartfelt prayer of gratitude.  I just took my blessing and ran."

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

With the sound of the alarm, my dream was over, just like that.

And yet, even now,
as the warm coffee makes its way down my throat,
and the sleepy in me begins to fade with the light of day,
the message tucked in this dream is holding on tight.

Thank You, Jesus.

God delights in answering our prayers, but He also delights in our thanksgiving. 

Today, as the blessings of God unfold in your life and mine, 
may we not simply take the blessings and run,
may, we too, come to stop,
pull over from the road of life,
step out of what we are doing,
find a quiet place of retreat,
drop to our knees,
and thank our most merciful, gracious, loving, Heavenly Father.

May we not take hold of the gift
without first holding up our hands to Heaven
and thanking The Giver of all good gifts.

Today, (and every single moment of every single day)
as the blessings of God unfold in our life, 
may we remember to fold our hands in prayer and say 
"thank you".~♥ 


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