Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gotta Dream?~

What dream is God placing in your heart? 

Does it
make you sweat,
make you feel sick to your stomach,
make you wake up
in the middle of the night
with your heart pounding?

Does it scare you
and yet breathe life into you all at the same time?

Does it make you
want to run backwards and forward all at the same time?

Does it stir up
your fear and faith all at the same time?

Then, trust God.
Accept His invitation.
Place your hand, heart, and life into HIS DREAM and step out.

Believe that a dream that seems to be ALL GOD,
will be met with the GOD of ALL-
all you need,
all you aren't
all you can't.

Step out of your provision and into HIS vision and
let God take you to the place of beyond -
beyond you,
beyond your ability,
beyond your fear,
beyond your doubt,
beyond your wildest imaginations or dearest desires,
to HIS VISION for your life.

Ask God to take you to the place where
the only thing that brings more fear than stepping out
is choosing not to.~

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