Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Move of Faith~

So often as Christians, we "play it safe".

We hear God calling us to build an ark,
step into the Red Sea,
lead an army,
dip seven times in a muddy river,
battle the enemy with praise,
stand up to Pharaoh,
sacrifice that which is most dear to us,
leave our homeland,
birth a Holy Spirit conceived plan,
speak boldy about what we have seen God do,
we choose not to.




We hear God calling us out into the deep,
beyond our logic,
our ability,
our will,
and instead of placing ourself in a place where God can move,
we stand
fearfully and stubbornly still.

We play it safe without ever stopping to realize 

the only safe place
is the very place God is calling us to.

We hold back without ever stopping to realize
the only way to see a move of God
is to boldly move where God is calling.

We say "not now" and "not me" without every stopping to realize,
the only way our miracle will come
is to trust God enough to say "Yes Lord".

God is still a God of miracles.

Maybe the only thing holding back the hands of God,
is us.

Maybe the only thing that is stopping a move of God,
is us.

Maybe the only thing God is waiting on,
is us.

Maybe the only thing standing between our miracle and us,
is us.~♥

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