Thursday, December 19, 2013

What I've Learned in 48 Years of Life~ (A Birthday Post)

  1. Life is a gift. Don't save it. Unwrap it and live every minute of it.

2.Mercy given doesn't always come back to you from those you've given it to, but it does come back.

3. God can use anything in your life for His purpose and His glory. Let him work. 

4. Yes, we are different - unlike anyone else. That's what makes me, me and you, you.

5.  God can. God will. God does.

6.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing.

7.  God paints a new sky each moment. Look up. And, do it often. 

 8. To look your best, all you have to do is smile.

9. "It's OK" - Say it. Mean it. Believe it.

10.  Faith - You've got to have it.

11.  Life is full of little distractions. Keep your focus on that which matters most.

12.  Tears are the words of your heart. Don't hold them in. Let them speak when you can't.

13.  Give grace.  To others and yourself.

14. God first. People second. Everything else third.  Always. 

15.  Time doesn't heal all wounds; God does.

16.  Pain has a purpose.  Find it and make it count.

17.  JOY is one of your strongest spiritual weapons. Hold on to it with all you've got.

18.  Different isn't necessarily wrong.

19.  Life can make you bitter or better. The choice is yours.

20.  "I can't" never does.  "I can" usually will.

21.  What you do doesn't define who you are.  God does.

22. God gives. God takes. When we live life open-handed, it makes both easier.

23. Laugh. Every chance you get.

24.  We aren't called to be like other Christians; we are called to be like Christ.

25.  True happiness is found in true contentment.

26.  Accept others for who they are, not who they aren't.

27.  Let your love for God change the world, but never let the world change your love for God.

28.  Everything can be a gift - even cancer. (Thank you, Ruthie.)

29. You never know who is looking up to you.  Always live so your life points up to God.

30.  Just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean you have to keep doing it that way.

31. Sisters -  (and sisters in the Lord)  are one of God's sweetest blessings.

32.  Praising God overcomes anything.

33. Be kind. Each word a gift.

34. We can have joy even though.

35. In spite of who we are, (amazingly!) God can use us to touch others.

36.  Meekness is not weakness.

37.  "I don't know" - it's ok to say it. Nobody knows it all.

38.  God does indeed grant us the desires of our heart.

39.  Memories - what a precious gift.

40. When things seem to be out of control, God is still in control. Rest in His faithfulness.

41. Eating and/or sleeping can make a "bad day" good again.

42.   Swings aren't just for kids.

43.  When no one understands, God does. Go to Him.

44.  Say "Thank You" - people never grow tired of hearing it.

45. God is good.  All the time.

46. Live in the moment or you'll miss it.

47.  Love them anyway.

48.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  Live to bless others.

Gracious Heavenly Father, 
On this day, 
the day you introduced me to the world 48 years ago,
I praise You.
Thank you for the gift of life.
Thank you for MY life.
Thank you for all of Your blessings - the happy, the sad, the good, the bad.
In each and all, YOU ARE and I praise You.
May I live for you, Father God.
Every moment of every day,
may You be seen in me.
I love you, Lord.
Today, I celebrate the gift of life.
Today, I will celebrate the gift of "me".
In Jesus' precious name,

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  1. Happy Birthday beautiful sister! So thankful for you and I hope you are living it up on your special day! Love you!! :) <3

  2. Happy Birthday!! What an encouraging and inspiring note!! Have a very blessed day!!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet sister of mine. I couldn't ask for a better sister. Both of my sisters are very precious. May you have a wonderful day on your birthday. Love you.

  4. happy birthday! your posts always uplift my soul and make the day brighter. thank you.

  5. Happy Birthday and THANK YOU for a wonderful post- just loved it. God BLESS the year to come.
    Mary, New Zealand.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you for 48 sweet thoughts of encouragement and for letting your light shine in the world.


  7. Thank you for sharing this blessing.
    Frances, Bainbridge Is., Wa


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