Sunday, October 13, 2013

What's Stopping Your Flow?~

Hurrying out the door, I filled my travel mug with coffee and away I went. 

Moments later, seated at my desk, I picked up my mug in anticipation of a moment of "aah" as I tilted the mug to my lips and began to drink. Only . . . nothing came out! How could this be? My cup was full, the opening in the lid was open, and yet, no coffee. 

After examining my cup, I tried again. 

Coffee mug to lips - √,
tilted in downward position - √,
warm coffee cascading down my throat - not so much.

Upon closer inspection of my travel mug lid, I discovered the teeny, tiny, eensy weeny air hole opposite the mouth hole was clogged. I found a needle and poked it in the hole. Then, to my delight, when I tried the third time, satisfaction galore!

Lesson for the day: it doesn't take much to stop the flow.

So often, we come to God with our hands and our hearts wide open to receive of 

His blessings, 
His wisdom,
His guidance, 
His comfort, 
His love, joy and peace, 
and yet still find ourselves expectant and empty. 

We try and try 
to receive and partake,
but we just can't quite make a connection.

Could it be, somewhere in our thoughts, actions, motives, or ______, we have a clog?

It doesn't take much to stop the flow. 

In order for God to pour into our life, 
we need to make sure our ENTIRE life is open to Him.

We can't leave one teeny, tiny, eensy, weeny spot 
closed off from 
His leading,
His correction, 
His refining, 
His cleansing. 

If we do, we may very well find ourself in lack.

Today, ask God to search your heart and show you

any place that is in need of cleansing. 
Pray for His Spirit to reveal specific places
you have not yet fully opened up to Him. 

upon close Godly inspection, 
surrender this clogged area to God 
and allow Him to remove anything and everything standing in the way of your relationship with Him.

God desires, that in Him, we might 

be complete,
be made whole, 
be filled to overflowing with His Spirit, 
and be more than satisfied. 

It doesn't take much to stop the flow. 

Today, let God - ALL of God - pour into your life and make you whole.~♥

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  1. Loved this... the cool thing about your example is it does take much for the coffee to flow...He's there waiting...right there...thankbyou


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