Thursday, September 26, 2013

In CHRIST, We Are . . . Gracefully Transformed~

I love butterflies! 
The way they flutter through the air is beauty in action.

To me, they are the definition of graceful: 
characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant.

Butterflies, however, are not born with this quality.   

Their life begins as that of a "lowly" caterpillar.

But then................then, metamorphosis takes place.

What an amazing transformation!

You and I entered this world as lowly sinners.
There is certainly nothing graceful in that!

Thankfully, by the grace of God,
we are not destined to live out our days
in this lowly state.

As the Holy Spirit begins the work of metamorphosis
 in us, we too, experience transformation - a transformation nothing short of a miracle.

Butterflies experience this transformation naturally.

You and I do not.

As always, God, who gave us a will,
leaves the choice up to us.

We can either conform to this world and remain unchanged or we can surrender to the transforming power of God in our life and begin to develop and display the graceful character of our God. 

Isn't it exciting to remember God isn't finished with us yet?! 

He is still at work, re-creating us into the graceful creature He designed us to be.
As we allow the Spirit to renew us, we are changed more and more into the image of God and His likeness.

Praise God! There is certainly grace found in that!

In CHRIST, we are . . . gracefully transformed.

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  1. I choose to surrender to the transforming power of God!!! This is such a beautiful series you are doing Stacy. blessings to you.


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