Tuesday, August 13, 2013


"No, dear. Not like that.  Like this."

Her words come mid-prayer and I open my eyes as she reaches for my folded hands.

Gently, she unwraps my intertwined fingers and places my open hands, palm side up.

"Open to give.  Open to receive."

Then, without a moment's hesitation, this prayer warrior is once again before God's throne of grace, interceding on my behalf.


Open to God.
Open to whatever God may choose to take from my life.
Open to whatever God may choose to place into my life.

Sometimes, I fool myself into believing I live my life this way - totally and completely open to God. And yet, so many times I have felt the touch of God upon my tight-fisted, folded together life, only to jerk back, turn away, and stay "closed" to His whatever for my life.

To surrender.
To sacrifice.

To accept.
To embrace.

To give up
To receive.

To live open - no matter what.


As I stand with my hands open to God, listening to the heart-felt intercession of this woman of God, I find my whole self slowly opening up.  As I am prayed over and prayed for, I feel the tension in my hands slowly ease out my fingertips. I open my hands as wide as wide can be as I suddenly realize a beautiful truth:

If I don't allow God complete access to my life, I deny myself of His sweetest blessings.

Blessings that come only when I allow God to give.
Blessings that come only when I allow God to take.

With hands fully outstretched,
I stretch open wide my heart, my life, my all - to my God,
to The One who stretched wide
His owns arms,
His own hands,
His own blood
in opening His all to me.

The Father knows what to give.
The Father knows what to take.
The Father knows.
Better than me, HE KNOWS.

And, better than me, HE LOVES.
Oh, how he loves.

Now, it is the words of my heart that ascend to the Father's ears.

Holy Father God,
Here I stand -
open to give, open to receive.
May my life always be
open to Thee.~

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