Saturday, August 10, 2013

On the Edge~

Sometimes, I get a vision in my heart of God's vision for my life and it scares me so much I can hardly breathe. When my heart starts beating uncontrollably to the beat of His dream, I find myself shrinking back, stepping away, running back to what is familiar and safe.

And yet, I know in my heart His dream is my dream. His destiny for me is the very place I see when I delve deep into the dearest desires of my heart. Why the hesitation? Why the paralyzing grip of fear? Because I know it will happen. And, I know I'm not able. I know this dream is so far beyond me and I'm afraid to give in, afraid to relinquish control, afraid to step out into this God-given invitation. And yet, the only thing that brings me more fear than stepping out is choosing not to. To miss God's call, to miss fulfilling that for which I was created to fill, to never experience the dearest desire of my heart.

A vision realized. I've experienced several in my life. Each time fear tried to hold me back. Each time I thought "I'm not able". And, each time (PRAISE GOD!) God's Spirit was stronger and louder than the fear and the doubt. Each time God showed HE WAS ABLE and as a result, HE WAS GLORIFIED. Now, each time I look back and see the tangible fruit of these dreams, I fall on my knees and and thank God for His invitation and His ability that made His vision for my life a reality.

And, here I stand again - 
on the precipice of yet another vision. 

Only this one is bigger 
than anything I could ever hope or imagine. 
This one is grander 
than all the others put together. 
This one 
makes me sweat, 
makes me feel sick to my stomach, 
makes me wake up
 in the middle of the night 
with my heart pounding. 
This one is ALL GOD.

Thankfully, I have a GOD of ALL. 
And, you do, too.

What dream is God placing in your heart?
What place is God longing to take you?
What victory,
what calling,
what ministry,
what breakthrough,
what vision does God have for YOU?

Does it scare you
and yet breathe life into you all at the same time?
Does it make you
want to run backwards and forward all at the same time?
Does it stir up
your fear and faith all that the same time?

Then, trust God. Accept His invitation.
Place your hand, heart, and life into HIS DREAM and step out.

Let God take you to the place of beyond -
beyond you,
beyond your ability,
beyond your fear,
beyond your doubt,
beyond your wildest imaginations or dearest desires
to HIS VISION for your life.

Ask God to take you to the place where the only thing that brings more fear than stepping out is choosing not to.~

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1 comment:

  1. Terribly exciting, Stacy! Terrible and exciting!
    Being recklessly abandoned to God is my life goal!


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