Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just the Tip~

I stand there completely overwhelmed.

To think, God would choose to work through me.

ME.....of all people.

Little ole,
can't do anything right,
afraid to try and fail,
don't have a clue what I'm doing,

And yet, He did.

And, He does.  

Every. single. day.

The more I realize I can't
and He can,
the more He does.

The more I step out of the way
and let God lead the way,
the more He shows up and amazes me.

The more I surrender my lack
for His supply,
the more He blesses and astounds.

The more I open my life
 to be used by Him,
the more He uses my life
and opens doors to speak His name.

The more I let go,
the more He takes hold.

The more I say "yes" to His call,
 the more He erases
"I can't"
"I'm not able"
"not me"
 from the vocabulary of my heart.

As I surrender to the God who chooses human vessels through which to work,
my heart leaps with excitement.

If God can do this,
what else can He do?

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