Saturday, August 31, 2013

In CHRIST~ (A September Study)

Have you ever thought about the two-letter word, "in"?

When I began to study this tiny word, I discovered it is rich in meaning.
Here are just a few definitions from

on the inside; 

used to indicate inclusion within 

used to indicate means: sketched in ink; spoken in French

well-liked; included in a favored group: the "in" crowd

plentiful: available  (in stock)

pull or influence; a social advantage or connection: He's got an in with the senator.

Have you ever thought about what it means to be "in Christ"?

As I opened my heart to God's Spirit and opened the pages of God's Word,
I began to discover the riches buried within the two-word phrase, "in Christ".

To be in Christ.

To be included with all that pertains to Christ.

To be "in" with Christ.

To have our means be found in Christ.

To be able to access and have made available to us that which is in Christ.

To have influence and a personal connection with Christ.


Heartprints of God
Introducing :

"In CHRIST, We Are . . ." -

a September study delving into what it means to be "in Christ".

As we study scriptures and unearth treasures in God's Word,
it is my hope and prayer that we will be

renewed in our spirit,

            strengthened in our inner man,

                      fortified in our faith,

                            empowered in our everyday Christian walk,

                                     emboldened in our calling,

                                             and re-ignited in our relationship with God

as together, we discover who we are in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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