Monday, July 22, 2013

Just In Case You've Forgotten~


Courage lived out loud through the life of Robin Roberts. 

Several nights ago, 
Robin received the ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award. 
Through the testimony of this 
I was reminded that:

(1) It's not what you accomplish, it's what you overcome that makes the difference.

(2) Strength is found when we allow others into our pain, into our struggle, into our battle.

(3) Strength is given when we willingly step into someone else's pain, into someone else's struggle, or into someone else's battle.

(4) When fear knocks, we need to let faith answer.

(5) There is a purpose behind all we are facing. We need to find the meaning and turn our mess into our message.

(6) Never, Never, Never give up.

I thought maybe, just maybe, you might need to be reminded of this, too.

Happy, blessed week to you~

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