Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who Would Have Thought?~

They caught up to me as I rounded the corner near the church nursery.
Three young girls, faces all aglow, excited and full of hugs.

"Ms. Stacy! Ms. Stacy! Look! We have something for you!"

As one of the girls handed me the beautiful card they had made with me in mind, the other two wrapped their arms around me in a bear hug.

"It's your Mother's Day Card!" one proudly announced.

"Yay! Happy Mother's Day!" another chimed in.

"Happy Mother's Day!" all three said in unison.

"Thank you, girls!  It's beautiful, just like all of you, and I absolutely love it!"

"Well, it's Mother's Day, and even though you're not reeeeeeeeeeally a mom, you're still a mom to us."

"Yep!  You are all of our moms."

"That's right.  We are all your kids and your the mom of all of us."

Then, one precious girl, jumping up and down, her eyes sparkling with a new revelation she just couldn't wait to share yelled out, "That's it! You're our HOLY mom."

With that comment, onlookers in the hall, smiled and chuckled out loud.
The girls all seemed to agree and hugged me some more.

"Yeah! You ARE our HOLY mom because you tell us about Jesus."

"Thank you, girls.  I love my card and I love each of you more than you know."

"We love you, too."

More hugs, and then they were off as fast as they had arrived.

I stood there holding their card, wiping a tiny tear from my eye, completely humbled by their words.
A HOLY mom.
What a title.
To be a spiritual mom to these precious children.
Is there a higher calling that that?

All my life, I wanted nothing more than to be a mother.  To have one of my own to hug and hold, to teach and inspire, to nurture, guide and protect. God in His infinite love for me, went above and beyond my dearest desire, and gave me instead a whole world of children. In my position as teacher, and now, Director of Children's Ministries, I have been given the greatest calling of all:  teaching precious young hearts about Jesus.

A HOLY mom.

I smiled as I made my way up the hall toward my office.

"Thank you, Lord.  Thank you for these precious children.  Thank you for their mothers (and fathers) who faithfully bring them to church and are nurturing them to walk in Your ways.  Thank you for the privilege of sharing in their lives. What a joy to be the one to lift their eyes heavenward to gaze upon You.  What a delight to be the one to pour Your love into their heart.  What an awesome, humbling, honor to be the one they look up to as their "Holy mom".  Lord, may You equip me for this calling.  May You fill me with Your Spirit and empty me of all that isn't You, so when they see me, all they see is You.  I love you, Lord.  Thank you for giving me the dearest desires of my heart."

 A HOLY mom.

Who would have thought?

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