Friday, March 15, 2013

Change Me~

How many times have you been in the heat of a battle with
a co-worker,
a fellow believer,
someone in your own family,
and you cried out to the Lord,
"Open their eyes, Lord.
Help them to see it the way I see it.
Change them, Lord!"?

As someone who has prayed this prayer,
more frequently than I would like to admit,
I know from experience that sometimes,
the Lord does indeed
"open their eyes" and "change their hearts".

However, there have been times,
too few than I would like to admit,
when I have been humbled,
I have been convicted of the error of my way of thinking,
of my foolishness and pride,
and I have cried out to the Lord:
"Open MY eyes, Lord.
Help ME to see it the way YOU see it.
Change ME, Lord!"

And, I know from experience that
each and every time,
without fail,
the Lord does indeed
"open MY eyes" and "change MY heart".~♥

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