Monday, February 11, 2013

This is Love~

Your legs looked beautiful today.

We're sitting at a restaurant, chipping and dipping, waiting for our meal to arrive. As the words of my husband float from my ears to my heart, my eyes begin to fill with love. Somehow, love takes a turn and expresses itself in a smile before one tear is shed.

He looks up from the table and smiles, too.

They did.

I know it is love talking because my legs are not beautiful.

Two hours earlier my legs were the reason we found ourselves at the local hospital. Poor circulation has left its mark on my left leg. Discolored skin. Unsightly blue markings. Lifeless scars from past wounds.

As I underwent an extensive ultrasound on both legs, my husband sat across the room. From the place where I rested, I could only see his shirt tail peeking out beneath the sonogram machinery that separated us, but it was enough.

This is love.

Human love.

And. it. is. beautiful.

Summer Love [Explored]
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No wonder divine love is beyond my comprehension.

Only God could looked at this girl and find beauty.

Sins of pride, jealousy, anger, (to name only a few) have left marks of their own, marring and disfiguring. Selfishness and resentment have left bruises and scars.

Ugliness abounds.

And yet, as I follow in His footsteps, My God is there.

As I look toward Heaven,
I see a glimpse of the my Creator,
peeking out beneath the universe which no longer separates us,
and it is more than enough.

As I look in His Word,
I see a glimpse of my Saviour,
peeking out beneath the sin which no longer separates us,
and it is more than enough.

As I look in the mirror,
I see a glimpse of the Lover of my Soul,
peeking out beneath my own ugliness which no longer separates us,
and it is more than enough.

This is love.

Divine Love.

And, it. is. beautiful.

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