Thursday, February 21, 2013

Following in His Footsteps~

As a little girl, 
I loved stepping into the snowy footprints
my father would leave behind
as he made his way around the 10 acres of pastureland surrounding our home.
Naturally, his stride was longer than mine,
so I had to stretch to place my foot in the same spot where his had been.
At first, I would miss the mark a little and mar the perfect impression in the snow.
 Little by little,
as I kept striving to step where he had stepped,
my own footprints would start to be hidden completely inside his. 
As I looked back at my progress,
I would smile when only his footsteps could be seen. 
 My Jesus has gone before me, too.
He walked this journey of life
leaving behind footprints of
and mercy.
As I daily try to walk in His steps,
 I find myself having to stretch,
 to intentionally choose to bend and place myself in places
that so often feel awkward and out of stride for me.
Sometimes, I miss the mark a little
and mar the impression He has left behind.
But sometimes....
sometimes when I look back over my progress,
I discover the footprints of my life completely hidden in His,
 and I smile.
I have a feeling He does, too.~♥

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