Monday, February 25, 2013

Every Last Bite~

Two little morsels of dog food were stuck to the side of Sally's dog bowl.
She had licked the rest of the bowl clean,
but wasn't content to walk away and leave even a speck of food behind.
She was determined to devour all she had been given.
As I watched her paw, and struggle, and make every attempt to get those two last bites,
I felt God's Spirit convicting me.
You see, like Sally, I love to eat.
In fact, I am a member in good standing in the "clean plate club".
And yet, when it comes to devouring God's Word,
I am often content to merely skim the surface.
Bible and shadow of Cross
{Photo Credit}
Maybe, like me, you are, too.

Amazingly, you and I have been given the Bread of Life, God's Holy Word,
and yet equally amazing,
we are often content to simply take a bite here and there,
and leave the rest behind,
How it must grieve the Father's heart. 

Heavenly Father,
You have placed before us your Word. 
You have provided us with spiritual food that would
 more than satisfy our every longing and fill our every need,
if only we would partake of it. 
Create in us a hunger and thirsting for your Word.
Don't let us be satisfied to simply nibble. 
May we feast on your Word every chance we get,
and may we not stop until we have received
all that you have placed before us.
In Jesus' precious name,

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