Monday, February 4, 2013

A Longing~

All is quiet & still.

The sun is slowly climbing up over the eastern horizon as the moon slips quietly to sleep in the west. 

From the hallway.
I hear the slow, gentle breathing of my husband.

At my feet.
the soft sighs of our little canine as she, too, dreams.

The world, (or maybe just the part that makes up my tiny corner), is still asleep.


In this moment between

night & day,

yesterday & today,

past & future,

 my spirit is awake with an unquenchable desire to know you more,

to hear the rhythm of your heart,

to feel the breathe of your Spirit.

There is a longing deep in my spirit,
a longing to go deeper....
        deeper into You, God,
                      deeper into your Word,
                                deeper into your will,
                                                 deeper into your calling. 
                                                                       deeper into your love.

I'm no longer satisfied with just a taste, just a glimpse. 
My heart  hungers and thirsts for more.

To savor each and every moment in Your presence. 

To be filled with Your fullness. 

To be one with you, God.
This is the longing of my heart.

 For You, oh Lord, are what I long for.

You, are life.~

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