Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Awakened by HIS Dream~

Comfy and cozy wrapped in excuses and "I can'ts", I am being nudged awake.

As the Spirit moves within me, I roll over and try to go back to sleep.

But the Spirit persists.

As I feel the covers being gently pulled back, I reach to take hold of them and snuggle beneath their warmth and security for a few minutes more.

As the blinds are opened and the SON shines in, I turn away and close my eyes all the tighter.

But, the Spirit persists.

I feel my spirit arousing.

Wiping the sleepies from my eyes,

I see His hand,



Sitting up, and stretching my spirit heavenward, I begin to feel it...

Day 123/365.v2
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His calling,

His plan,

His dream for my life,

A dream that can only be lived,

wide awake.

Throwing back all that has long held me back,

I take the hand of my Heavenly Father and leave comfort and familiar behind.

My destiny awaits.

His dream is calling.

And, I . . .

I am awake~

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